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Newtown is such a hub of trendy food places, I am constantly adding to my “places to try” list places from Newtown. One of my not so recent additions was Cuckoo Callay. I must have passed this little café so many times on my way out of the station and not realised the potential yumminess it held. But one day as I was passing a sign outside that read “Free Coffee for Ugly People” caught my eye. Since then, I begun to notice it on social media and I was itching to try it. Unfortunately, it’s not open at night which is when I’m normally in Newtown. But a couple of weekends ago, when our plans to ferry over to Cockatoo Island got cancelled due to the rain, we decided to take advantage of the suddenly free Sunday morning and try out Cuckoo Callay.

I arrived a little earlier than my friend and wrote my name on the chalkboard, my name wasn’t on there longer than 5 minutes before I was told a table was ready inside.

To pass the time until my friend arrived I looked through the menu and was amused to see there were two items made just for dogs, love it!

By the time my friend arrived, I had already picked that I was getting - the bacon and egg ramen (sounded interested and suited the cold weather) and a peanut butter and jelly milkshake (cause I have never heard of that combo in a milkshake!).

My shake arrived first and it seemed almost simple in a mason jar in comparison to all the crazy milkshakes out there. It was nice but the very thick due to the chunks of peanut butter in there. 

The ramen arrived not too much longer, and I immediately felt some food envy looking at my friend’s more breakfast style dish, George’s Gorgeous Cousin- Marinated avocado and thyme infused confit heirloom tomatoes on sourdough, goats curd, house made basil pesto, lemon herb gremolata and a 63° egg. My ramen was quite average, with thick bits of bacon that didn’t have that same salty hit of regular bacon. Although it makes sense that ramen at a western style café wouldn’t be amazing. My friend, on the otherhand, loved her dish and I decided there and then I would be back to try something else.

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