A Look Back at Food and Travel in 2015

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Its the second last day of 2015! Where did the year go? Its been a big year of change for me as I joined the world of full time work and said goodbye to uni life. I still got in a bit of travel though, travelling to Sri Lanka in the beginning of the year where I was amazed at how much the city of Galle had changed and fell in love with white water rafting.

Then in August I visited one of my bucket list destinations, Dubai, and had a great time exploring the different regions of the UAE and learning about Emirati culture.

It was big year in food too, celebrating getting a job by dining at the Quay and finally tasting that delicious snow egg I had seen on Masterchef. And I got busy in the kitchen and tried my hand at making some layer cakes (check out my attempts out my chocolate cake with caramel buttercream popcorn recipe  or my salted caramel and apple cake recipe). One of my favourite savoury recipes I made this year were these wickedly delicious spicy wings, might have to make another batch soon!

My resolution for next year is to really grow House in Tillford and fill it with great content. I will be a little quiet in the beginning of the year as I venture off to Vietnam and Cambodia but then I will be back to share by stories with all of you!

Hope you all have a wonderful new years celebration!

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  1. Sounds like it was an interesting and exciting year for you Dani! Hope you have a great time in Vietnam and Cambodia - safe travels :) Now don't mind me as I hungrily gaze at your amazing chocolate/caramel/popcorn creation - looks awesome!


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