Lemon Meringue Cupcakes | Recipe

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I think I'm becoming a full on baking nerd. The other day I bought a new piping bag set, cake stand, sifter and decorative cupcake holders. And of course as soon as I bought them I was itching to bake something with my new sifter and piping set. 

Deciding I was in the mood to bake cupcakes and something lemony I decided to try making lemon meringue cupcakes. These cupcakes were actually pretty simple to make despite how many elements are involved. I made both mini and large versions (okay I'll admit I got tired of filling the mini paddies and just poured the remaining batter into a muffin tray). The mini ones are a perfect bit, as you get the lemony cake, curd and meringue all in one hit.

This recipe made 6 large cupcakes and 20 mini cupcakes.


3 eggs
1 cup butter
3 cups icing sugar
1 cup caster sugar
1/2 cup milk
1 1/2 cups S.R flour
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
2 teaspoons milk powder
1 lemon

Lemon Curd

30 grams butter
1 egg yolk
1 egg
80 grams caster sugar
1 lemon

2 egg whites
1/2 cup caster sugar

1.In a bowl, lightly beat the eggs. Add 1 cup butter and the caster sugar, then mix until light and fluffy.
2. Sift the flour and milk powder, about eight times (sifting it multiple times means a softer and fluffier cake). Add the flour to the egg mixture, along with the milk and vanilla essence. Beat with an electric mixer for 2 minutes, until light and creamy.
3. Fold into the mixture the zest and juice of the lemon
4. Divide the mixture into cupcake papers, placed in cupcake/muffin trays. Bake for 15-20 minutes until risen and firm to touch. Remove from tray after a few minutes. Allow to cool.

Lemon Curd
1. Lightly mix the egg and yolk together and then in a small saucepan over low heat combine with the butter, sugar and the juice and zest of the lemon
2. Stir continuously until it thickens then remove from heat

1. Beat the white together until peaks begin to form
2. Continue beating, slowly adding the sugar until stiff peaks form
3. Transfer the meringue into a piping bag

1. Using a corer or knife, create little shallow holes on top of all the cupcakes
2. Fill all the holes with lemon curd, allowing for a little overspill
3. Pipe on the meringue on each cupcake
4. If you have a blow torch, torch the meringues until they brown.

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  1. Ooh these look so good! Thanks for linking up with us for Fabulous Foodie Fridays :)

  2. Oh yummy yummy! I'm a fan of lemon meringue pie so these are calling my name!! No need to choose between cupcakes and pie here :)

  3. Oh wow these look like a bit of a dream cupcake. I love lemon meringue


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