Things to do in Bangkok, Thailand

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I have officially booked my flights to Vietnam and Cambodia for January next year and I am beyond exited to explore more of South East Asia. I have been trawling through heaps of blogs, Instagram pics and travel sites for tips and things to do. I have already written up a rough itinerary based on several “Things to do in XX” lists, I find these lists a great source of inspiration and have tried to compose a few of my own to inspire fellow travellers which brings to me to my post today. In celebration of my upcoming trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, I have composed a list of things to do in Bangkok, Thailand based on my week stay there. Enjoy and hopefully it provides you with some trip inspiration. And for those of you who have been, am I missing anything on my list? Or do you even have any tips for Cambodia or Vietnam?

Thing to do in Bangkok, Thailand

Grand Palace
Grand Palace
The Grand Palace is, as you may guess, grand with its gold embellished rooves and pillars. The intricate details of the buildings will make you snap happy.
The complex also houses the Temple of the Emerald Buddha so a strict dress code is enforced so make sure your shoulders and legs are covered.

Damneon Saduak Floating Market
There are many floating markets in Thailand but Damneon is one of the most famous. It is located about 100km from the city so makes for a great day trip. Even though its sounds cultural, the market is very touristy and you will be targeted by stall holders. Besides fruit, there wasn't much on offer that we were interested in but it was still enjoyable to float down the water, through the wooden stalls. We were lucky enough to see a passing boat that was obviously shooting a bridal fashion shoot.

Near the markets, there is also a spot where you can ride elephants through the jungle and water. Again we ran into the bridal model and her camera crew.

Photo shoot on an elephant
Day Trip to Kanchanaburi
We hired a private van and day tripped to Kanchanaburi. We visited the famous Bridge over the River Kwai with its sad history of being part of the Death Railway, constructed by POWs during World War 2.

From the bridge we then went to the Tiger Temple, however in light of all the stories of the cruelty (and I think it might have been shut down now), I will instead recommend going to where I am kicking myself for missing out on - Erawan Waterfall, a severn tiered waterfall!

The food in Bangkok was one of my highlights! I had jungle curry for the first time, and although it was incredibly spicy, it was also so delicious. If you are a spice fiend I recommend trying it. Your other typical Thai dishes such as Pad Thai were also a hit. This Pad Thai was from a restaurant near our hotel called Chilli Culture. This restaurant was a quick favourite by my family.

Its Asia so its way cheaper than Australia. Going through the city you'll stumble across many markets and shopping centres with brimming with bargains.

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