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My last Sunday was spent the way Sundays should be spent. In the morning I went over to my cousin’s place and met her new Border Collie puppy. After some puppy play, we began to plan the details of our trip to Cambodia until our stomachs started to grumble. Then we hopped in the car to Wild Pear Café in Dural.

The café is located right smack bang in the middle of a gardening store, sitting amongst pots and plants which created a country feel. Once you step into the café, you can immediately tell it’s popular with the locals. Bustling with a range of customers, from families to young hip couples to gaggles of girls.

Despite the crowd, we weren’t waiting more than a few minutes before we were led to a table on the balcony. Getting to our table was a bit of an obstacle course, weaving through the many tables they have packed on the balcony.

When seated my cousin and flicked through the menu and didn’t find any of their special drinks or desserts on the menu. When we asked the waitress (we wanted to see how much room we had to leave for dessert before ordering our main) for the dessert menu she seemed a bit flustered and rude and asked even were even ordering mains. She eventually bought out the dessert menu but it didn’t mention the drinks but we didn’t want to annoy her again so we just decided to go for the shake with the fairy floss that we had seen many a time on instsagram.

When she came back we ordered everything at once- 2 rose strawberry milkshakes, a meditarrian mixed grill plate which we shared between us, Boston Maple Pecan Pie and a Turkish Delight Smashed Pavlova. 

First up, our rose and strawberry shakes topped with Persian fairy floss arrived. This was a mixed bag. Mine was pale in colour and I found it pretty boring but my cousin’s was a brighter pink and tasted way better.

Our Mediterranean grill arrived soon after, immediately stirring our appetite. We were glad we decided to share as it was a generous serving of hummus, beetroot quinoa, salad, a chicken skewer, a lamb skewer and a skewer of prawns and chorizo.

Then came time for what we were most excited for- dessert!

The pie and pavlova came at the same time. The pie was topped with a scoop of ice cream that was rapidly melting in the heat so we ate that first- delicious! The right amount of sweet and lots of pecans housed in buttery, crumbly case topped with a tasty vanilla ice cream. We then moved onto the very pretty smashed pavlova. This was nice and with each spoonful we discovered a new element (including hidden ice cream!). The other elements included more Persian fairy floss, strawberries, watermelon, cream, pieces of Turkish delight, rose something, and of course smashed pavlova. Although this was nice, I felt it’s something I could make easily myself and I enjoyed the pie more.

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