Packing List for Three Weeks in South East Asia

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Hello Everybody!

I've been a little quiet this year, busy travelling in South East Asia and then coming back with a focus on my next career step but I've also been planning on content for House in Tillford, including my South East Asia travel guides and trip reports. So today I'm kicking with one of the first things you do before any trip- pack!

When I pack for my travels its always a conflict between packing light and being prepared for anything. So when packing for my three weeks in Vietnam and Cambodia the goal was to achieve a happy balance between the two. I knew the north of Vietnam was going to be cold but I also knew I could always buy clothes there so I preferred to not fill my bags with puffy winter jackets but rather pack lighter clothes that could be layered and then buy what I needed there. However, I did not want to take the same risk with medical items and bought along things that could be used immediately in case of food poisoning or back pain (something that I typically suffer from, especially after an uncomfortable flight). 

I split the following between a 65L backpack, a regular backpack and a small handbag:

1 set of PJs
3 dresses (including one that could be easily worn at night)
2 skirts ( including one long one that would be suitable for temples)
3 tops
2 bikinis
5 pairs of underwear
4 bras
2 pairs of socks
1 pair of stockings
1 pair of dressy sandals
1 pair of thongs

Toiletries and Medical
Two cans of insect repellent (this ended up being overkill, just pack one)
1 bottle of sunscreen
Small bottle of shampoo and conditioner
Small bottle of body wash
Basic makeup e.g mascara, lipstick
Roll on deodorant
Fold up toiletries bag
1 strip/bar of pain killers (e.g. 10 pills)
1 strip/bar of anti-histamines
1 strip/bar of meds for food poisoning
1 tube of heat cream for back pain
1 pack of heat patches
21 multivitamins tablets (one for every day in case my diet wasn't great)

1 micro fibre towel
Smart phone
Chargers for all electronics
Power board (this is great when you only have one or two power outlets in your room but need to charge everything!)
Small day pack (The plan was I would then check in the 65L bag and larger backpack, which I correctly assumed would be filled with all my shopping, and then use the small day pack as carry on)
Notebook and pen

One the flight I wore:
Tank Top
Hiking boots with socks

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  1. I used to pack light but now I seem to want to have everything with me! I really hate packing. I have a list but I still hate it:)

  2. Could've packed a first aid kit instead of that other insect repellent...

  3. Could've packed a first aid kit instead of that other insect repellent...

  4. Nice list, very practical! :) Wish I could be packing for another overseas trip, it's been a while...


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