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I spoke about my love of Masterchef last year when I reviewed Three Blue Ducks in Bronte and how exciting it was to finally eat at a restaurant where one of the contestants worked (despite Andy not working the day we visited). When my friends and I heard that Reynold, the dessert Master, from 2015's season was going to open us his dessert bar we knew we were going even though we knew no details. Luckily he opened up his dessert bar, Koi, in Sydney and we finally got a booking (the online booking system is a bit of a pain and took us a few tried to finally get a table for four). You can just show up and buy take away desserts but we wanted the sit down experience.
When we arrived we kept our eyes peeled for Reynold but unfortunately we were told he was overseas at the time (we are always out of luck with our Masterchef stalking!). Despite Reynold not being there, we were very impressed by our first impressions of Koi. The upstairs seating are didn't have many tables (hence why it was always booked up) and had a very modern deco. We decided on the set menu so we could taste Koi's savoury and sweet offerings which cost us $77 per person and consisted of the following:
Chef's Daily Snack- Compressed tomato with chilli relish, prawn crackers and micro herbs

As soon as these we set on the table we could smell prawns which we surprised about given how thin and wispy the prawn crackers were. The crackers were light and like papadums and the relish was delicious but they could of been a more generous with the serving amount

Steamed Barramundi in dashi broth, sweet corn, seaweed, and radish
The Barramundi was nicely cooked and the broth was tasty but the salt addict in me wished their was a shaker on the table so I could add seasoning. Despite its small size the dish was actually the right size.

Slow poached chicken breast with mixed rice, toasted grains and nuts of spiced coconut espuma
This was my favourite dish of the day! The chicken was so juicy and beautifully seasoned, the coconut espuma gave the dish an almost Thai twist but the foam texture meant it didn't feel as heavy as a Thai curry. When I finished it, I was scrapping my bowl to get every single drop and I noticed my friend was going the same. This dish would make me recommend that people go to Koi for the savoury offerings as well as the sweet.

Cream cheese, burnt orange, honeycomb, dried mandarin, curd, creme frache, brown butter crumb

Not being a fan of citrus fruits, I wasn't excited to try this dessert but when it arrived I was pleasantly surprised. It was a refreshing, tangy dessert and we had fun discovering all the different elements.

Chocolate mousse, raspberry gel, consomme jelly, chocolate almond soil and strawberry
This dessert was definitely the most visually appealing and had a bit of theatrics to it as we each got to crack the chocolate shell and watch the raspberry gel ooze out. Raspberry and chocolate are always a winning a combo with me and I liked how the mousse, gel and almond soil when together and the fresh strawberry helped balance the richness of the chocolate.

Peach, almond soil, rosemary yogurt cream and rose & thyme

After we had the chocolate dish, I thought no dish could beat that put this dessert played a good game and may have been my favourite out of the three desserts. It wasn't rich like the chocolate one and had some nice flavours and I like the creamy pink ice cream with the white iciness ( not even sure what it was!).

Overall, we had a delicious time at Koi and will definately come back for more dessert (and hopefully finally see Reynold!) but the set menu was a little too pricey to make a regular thing but perhaps if the menu changes and we feel like a treat I wouldn't be opposed!

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