Cool and Unique Picnic Spots in Sydney and Greater New South Wales

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Recently, I have decided to make a conscious effort to discover more of Australia. Being such a travel junkie, I’m always dreaming of places overseas to visit but I live in such a beautiful country that many other people have on their travel bucketlist and it would be a waste not to explore as many facets of it as I can. I’ve booked a trip later this year to visit Tasmania and am very excited for the roadtrip we have planned. And I’ve also been doing a bit more “backyard” exploring and visiting different spots in New South Wales. In my exploration, I have discovered quite a few cool and unique picnic spots in Sydney and greater New South Wales that boast some pretty epic views. From water views to bush to city skylines, check out my list below:

Cape Baily Track, Botany Bay National Park

We did this easy track on ANZAC day and despite us only being able to do a section of the walk due to the mud bogging up the end of the track, we actually took a couple of hours to do the walk because we keep stopping to take in the view (and take a million pictures!). There are plenty of spots to stop and picnic and we did just that, enjoying some ANZAC slice while we looked out on the water crashing against the cliff walls.
How to get there: Drive to the very end of Cape Solander Drive, Kurnell and you can park at the entrance of the track.

Hunts Creek Waterfall, Carlingford

I don't know why TLC said don't go chasing waterfalls, waterfalls are awesome. I was surprised to hear there was a waterfall in the middle of surbarbia and knew I had to check it out for myself, so we donned our active gear, grabbed some snacks and got ready to hike to the waterfall. We parked and began our walk, 10 metres into the walk we could hear the falls and it wasn't long until the bush cleared and the mini waterfall stood in front of us. Despite not being much of a hike, we were excited to see that it was in fact a waterfall nestled amongst surbabia. We walked to the top of the waterfall and ate our snacks with our feeting hanging over the waterfall. How many times can you do that?!
How to get there: Put Karingal Avenue, Carlingford in your GPS and park near the entrance. Lots of free street parking.

Lincoln's Rock

This is another spot we went to thinking it would be a good hike but ended up just being an epic view. You literally park you car and walk a few metres and you are met with awe inspiring view of the valleys. For those scared of heights, you can enjoy the view from a safer distance than from where the above photo was taken but I couldn't resist crawling to the edge of "Flat Rock" to have a closer look (and was surprised to see some suspicious car wrecks rusting away at the base of the cliff). There is a lot of space on the rock to set up a picnic and take in the views.
How to get there: Put in Little Switzerland Drive, Wentworth Falls into your GPS. Parking is limited.

Camp Cove, Watson's Bay

I discovered this cool spot with a killer city view while I was doing my scuba diving course. I loved that you could sit on this quiet beach and have both ocean and city views. There is a little kiosk on the beach so you either buy food there or byo picnic. 
How to get there: Put in 36 Cliff St, Watsons Bay in your GPS and find surrounding street parking.

p.s If you are into exploring the outdoors in New South Wales, check out my post on some cool hikes and trails here

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  1. I love this! The views from all of them are stunning, but Cape Baily Track is going on my list pronto. Right after I've done Bondi to Coogee of course... I'm also a fan of the Blue Mountains, that shot is incredible. I've only ever been to the three sisters bit so I'll have to check that out whenever we're back next.

    Have fun planning your Tassie road trip! We loved ours, such a beautiful place :)

  2. I'm a big fan of backyard travel! I can't afford to travel internationally more than once a year (or every two years), so I make it a point to explore my own country. It's funny to think about how we live in places that are on someone else's bucket list! :)


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