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My cousin had been mentioning wanting to try Grumpy Barista after seeing their drool-inducing pictures on Instagram. Always keen to eat delicious food, I agreed to join her. We drove in separately but the local traffic and lack of parking made me wish I had caught the train when I saw Petersham train station was well within walking distance to the cafe.
When I arrived at the café, a little after 1230pm on a Saturday, I was placed second in line for a table but wasn’t waiting more than five minutes before I was seated at a cool table that had bike pedals at the feet on my chair. For a café that was apparently Instagram famous, the café is surprisingly tiny and closed on popular brunch day, Sunday.

Looking at the loaded cronuts in the window and the dishes of other diners, we knew we would be ordering big! We each ordered a main and decided to share two cronuts.

 Knowing that the cronuts would be heavy, I ordered the Salmon Carpaccio which was so light and delicious. The fresh, citrusy flavours made me wonder why I used to stay away from anything not thoroughly and obviously cooked. It was also beautifully presented and left me feeling satisfied but not overly full. Which is exactly what I wanted to be before digging into Grumpy Barista’s loaded cronuts. We chose the peanut butter and jelly cronut and the Oreo and Nutella cronut.  The names of both indicate how heavy they are going to be and we did struggle to eat a half of each. Although the peanut butter and jelly cronut looked like a cool concept, the huge dollop of peanut butter completely took over the flavours and I think that a smaller dose of peanut butter would of balanced the flavours better (but not looked as epic). The Nutella and Oreo cronut was tasty but I still feel that Vogue Café is still winning the cronut game.

I enjoyed the food at Grumpy Barista, and would definately hit it up again if I was in the area.
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  1. Wow those Cronuts look insanely good! And yes very loaded too! :D


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