Vietnam and Cambodia Travel Highlights

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I'll admit it, I have been very slack writing up posts from my recent (slowly becoming not so recent!) South East Asia trip but I did edit together all the videos I took into a a fun, short trip highlights video. Do you take videos when you travel? I try to take them when I'm on holiday because I think it truly captures everything, the mannerisms of people you meet, the mood we were in and sights and environment around us. Its not a posed moment like in a picture but a true snapshot of the travels. However, I do sometimes find it annoying having to carry the camera around, shooting the moments because it means I miss out on just fully enjoying the moment. I'm definitely working on finding the balance between creating something I can enjoy in the future and enjoying the moment (perhaps investing in a GoPro and strapping it onto me) because I love the end product, such as the video below and can totally imagine forcing my kids to watch when mum was young and travelling the world.

The below videos has snippets from both Vietnam and Cambodia and gives you a picture of the trip highlights:

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  1. What a cute video! I was very interested because we are headed to Cambodia soon! :D


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