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Kelis’s Milkshake is so topical right now in the foodie world because over the top milkshakes are bringing foodie boys and girls to the yard, the yard being whatever cute café is serving up these calories loaded drinks. And the Locals Trader’s milkshakes certainly drew us to their Kellyville restaurant. Hidden at the side of the shops, it was still quite busy despite our post lunch arrival (around 2.30pm).

We browsed their menu and surprised to see the shakes we had seen on social media weren’t on their but just existed as a special on the board, the one that day was brownie salted caramel. Not cheap at $14 each we still ordered one each plus pancakes, again not cheap at $18.

The pancakes arrived first and they were served with a few berries and a scoop of ice cream (for an extra $2) and although they were soft and we couldn’t fault the taste we felt they definitely weren’t worth $20 given you can get much more extravagant ones in that price point at Pancakes at the Rocks.

Luckily it didn’t matter because as soon as they shakes arrived we knew we didn’t need the pancakes (something salty like fries to balance the sweet would have been a smarter option). The shakes are served on individual plates because the cup struggles to contain everything. The chocolate and caramel sauce drips deliciously down the glass and cup is stuffed with not one but two brownies and a scoop of ice cream. This milkshake quickly became an eating challenge. The salted caramel sauce, the chocolate sauce, the brownies, the ice cream and the actual milkshake all worked decadently together but I was not enough half way before I had to surrender. Indulgence overdose! I felt like it was a bit of a waste and wish we hadn’t ordered the pancakes/gone instead of eating lunch beforehand but nevertheless I enjoyed the shake.

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