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I’ll admit it, up until recently I wasn’t a massive burger fan. I enjoyed them but I never went out of my way for one and if I ever craved one it was just a simple cheeseburger from McDonalds. I’ve seen the burgerporn on Instagram increase and claims of what is Sydney’s best burger but didn’t jump on the train. That is, until last week.

It was a rainy Monday and over Whatsapp some old work mates and I were trying to decide where to go for dinner for a catch up (and if we should even go ahead with our plans as all as people started to drop out). Finally it was decided we would meet at Bar Luca and I was excited as I had heard claims that they had Sydney’s best burger so knew I was in for a tasty feed. I decided to ring for a booking and was surprised when they told me they were fully booked but to come anyway because they only take bookings for 70% of the restaurant. I couldn’t help but thinking that this place must be good if it’s booked up on a Monday night.

We met at Bar Luca at 6pm and it was buzzing, you could be forgiven for thinking it was a Friday evening. Luckily my friend has been able to secure us a booth by coming in early at 5.30pm. I had read the menu on my train ride there and read a few reviews and had already decided to try the Blame Canada burger, which sounded so naughty with its maple bacon and poutine! I also ordered a side of fries. The food didn’t take too long to arrive and after my first bite of my burger, I was in heaven. Absolutely delicious. The juicy patty, the crispy sweet bacon and the poutine all worked magically together. It was also super messy so not a great thing to try when on a first date, but I wasn’t and the messiness just made it a bit tastier. I didn’t need to fries, they were cold and didn’t add any extra flavour. The burger alone was enough.

Blame Canada burger with a side of fries
As soon as I left I was, I was craving it again and was so keen to go back. And so I did. The very next week. This time I went with my boyfriend (after he had heard me raving about the best burger for the past week) and we ordered the Blame Canada, Chicken Karaage and a bucket of wings. The wings arrived first and they were good but I only had one as I was keen for the burgers. The burgers followed soon after and I was impressed by the look of the Chicken Karaage. And the taste was even better, I was officially undecided which of the two burgers were better. I loved the generous amount of spiced, fried chicken in the burger- delicious!

Thanks to Bar Luca I’m officially on the burger band wagon and keen to try Sydney’s other “best” burgers!

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