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Passion Tree, for the geographically challenged like myself, is pretty hard to find. The first time we paid a visit we had the GPS on and still wondered around lost for 10 minutes before finally ducking into a McDonalds and asking for directions from the girls working behind the counter. FYI as you leave Chatswood station there is a Woolworths/mini escalators that sit across from the ticket barrier, just keeping going up the levels and the Passion Tree is on the very top level. Surprisingly it’s got a quite a large space and you are greeted by the bright d├ęcor and the images of all the delectable treats they have to offer. This review of Passion Tree is based on my first two visits.

 On my first visit I ordered the salted caramel pancake stack, my friend got the sticky date cake and my other friend ordered a ready-made treat from the display. Despite my friends dessert already sitting there in the display window, there was a long time before her buzzer when off to collect it and when she did go up they handed her the wrong thing! For my friend and I who ordered desserts which required some assembly the wait was even longer but eventually our little buzzers when off and we collected our desserts. I had three small pancakes drenched in salted caramel sauce and a scoop of ice cream. The pancakes thick but not dense and the salted caramel sauce was lovely and the ice cream bought it all together. It was definitely a delicious dessert and despite looking small was quite heavy. My two friends were also really happy with their choices and we were definitely keen to come back to try more of what they had to offer.

 And then a few weeks later I had a bit of time to kill before I had to catch a train to meet some friends so I thought why not treat myself to one of the decadent hot chocolates I knew they had on offer. I chose to get the campfire smores hot chocolate (not super cheap at $8.90) and once again I was handed a buzzer and took a seat while I waited for my drink. And waited. And waited. 15 minutes later my buzzer finally went off and I was served with my drink which had melted chocolate sauce dripping over the edges of the cup and was piled with marshmallows and chocolates biscuits crumbled up. I thoroughly enjoyed scrapping up the chocolate and dunking the marshmallows into the thick chocolate milk until it melted but once I finished all the embellishments it was just a regular hot chocolate. It was nice for a once off but not sure if I’d pay that much again for the drink despite my curiosity what the rose delight flavour would taste like.

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  1. Oooh, they do sound delicious!!! Mmmmm, the pancake stack. Shame they took so long though!


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