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“Did we just drive an hour through traffic just to try a burger?” It all started when my boyfriend’s co-worker said the best burger he ever had was from Jacks in Newtown. I googled it and read posts about how in their first weeks of opening there were massive lines and it was constantly selling out.  That was enough to convince us and one weekend we set out to Newtown to try to discover that they were closed! Let down, we forgot about trying Jacks for a few months until we tried burgers from Bar Luca and as I mentioned in a previous post it officially put me on the burger bandwagon and we were curious to see if Jack’s could beat it. So that’s how we found ourselves in bumper to bumper weekend traffic.

Nervously we approached the restaurant and were pleased to see that it was open! And even better, not busy and we were served as soon as we entered. We ordered two bacon cheeseburgers ($12) and fries to share ($5). It was a nice burger with a juicy patty and everything perfectly seasoned but I would definitely not say it was the best burger I’ve had (in fact on the day I whispered that I even thought it was equal to a cheeseburger from McDonalds but that may be me being totally uncultured and loving the cheeseburgers from there) and felt that Bar Luca’s burgers had more of a “wow” factor.  I liked that the fries were thick crinkle cut, as you don’t get those often but again nothing to write home about.

 Overall, I would say don’t go out of your way to try it (i.e. Don’t drive an hour through traffic!) but if you are in the area and you want a nice, classic, no frills burger have a go. And I think maybe that’s what people go crazy for, it’s not because it’s a monster burger but its just your old fashioned, classic burger elements all done well.
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