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The Gastro outbreak in New South Wales has to be one of the grossest outbreaks there can be. And as I’m writing this I am wondering if I should even be mentioning the word in a post about food! But it’s kind of all leading to the story. Riding on public transport and working in an office where it had hit, it wasn’t too surprising that it hit me and I spent a solid 2 days throwing up and feeling miserable, completely off food.  By the Saturday I was feeling better but stuck to two minute noodles and toast, and so my the Sunday I was ready to feast on something delicious. The timing ended up being perfect (well it would have been perfect if I hadn’t got sick at all!) because two weeks prior I had planned on checking out the Local Mbassy with my cousin after she saw their red velvet pancakes on a Buzzfeed article.

My cousin got there about 15 minutes before and managed to score us a table, which was lucky because by the time I arrived there was a crowd waiting outside. It must be word of mouth and social media that brings the crowd because it’s not a café that you would happen to walk by. It was about a 10 minute walk from Central station and not really near anything.

I ordered the vegetarian shakhuka that was eggplant, zucchini, potato rostie, poached eggs served in a sauce ($17) and then we got the red velevet pancakes ($15.50) and red velvet latte to share. I know it’s odd to share a latte but neither of us are coffee drinkers but we were curious to see what it tasted like.

Everthing arrived together and we dug it. We were both a little underwhelmed with our savoury meals, I felt mine tasted too tinned tomatay and needed more seasoning to balance the flavour. I only got through about half.

The pancakes, however, were delicious but heavy so it’s good we shared. Tasty thick pancakes served with strawberries. It totally made up for the savouries. The latte was also nice and won over us non-coffee drinkers but I wonder if those that actually like coffee would find it too weak.

The staff is very friendly and appear passionate on improving because as we went to pay the lady at the counter said she noticed I didn’t find and asked for my honest feedback and explained they want to fix issues, make improvements etc. That was refreshing to hear and showed they actually loved what they do. She then asked how we heard of it and if we travelled far and she was so touched and shocked when we said we had come about 45 minutes that she said we deserved a treat and gave us a free cronut! Very sweet and other sign that they love what they do and it’s not so much about the money. And cronut, which I shared with my family when I got home, was pretty delicious. In fact, I had also bought some goodies from Koi Dessert Bar and my family all agreed the cronut was better so that’s a pretty high standard!

I would recommend trying Local Mbassy but more for their sweet offerings.

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  1. I want to travel from Brisbane for those pancakes they look amazing!


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