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Food is a little overpriced but the service is improving since I first went. That was my friend’s brief review when I told her I was going for breakfast at Wolfe and Co in Dural. She also reasoned the pricing is probably due to the fact that they use organic ingredients sourced locally. I guess I would see for myself!

We arrived at the café a bit before 10am on Sunday and I was surprised at the location, just on the on the side of a street. When I heard a café in Dural, I expected it to sit on a large lot of farm-like land similar to Wild Pear  but the modern décor and the layout is quiet nice and feels private. Our timing was perfect because when we arrived there were a few empty tables so we were seated immediately but midday way through our meals, we noticed there was bit of a line outside. Early bird gets the worm, or the breakfast in this case.

We didn’t take long to pick what we were getting and were ready to order. The staffs, however, were not ready to take our order despite us making constant eye contact. We even thought if we stopped talking and turned our charges out they would notice our cues. Nope. In the end we had to just gave up with subtly and told a waiter we were ready to order to which he replied yup and walked away! He did eventually return and took our order.

I ordered the truffled mushrooms (mushrooms, mushroom pate, ricotta and truffle served on a slice of sourdough bread) which was $15.50 and I added bacon for a not so cheap $4.50.

The food didn’t take too long to arrive and all our dishes certainly were pretty, matching the general feel of the place. It’s a shame that bacon is an expensive addition to the dish, because it really made the dish. It had a nice salty, meaty flavour that balanced the two mushroom elements. Even if they added feta instead of ricotta, it could remain a vegetarian dish whilst also have a salty element. All together the dish was quiet tasty and the perfect proportion that left me full but not stuffed.

My sister got their famous Banoffe French Toast, which she said was nice but not amazing. My cousin expressed similar sentiments in regards to her “eggs as you like” dish.

Overall, I would say Wolfe and Co is definitely a nice addition to the growing café scene but they still have a few little kinks to work out.

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