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Apparently the reason the youth of Australia can’t afford to buy a house is because we are spending too much money on smashed avocado at trendy cafes. Obviously this is an exaggerated claim, and might have also something to do with how expensive housing is in cities such as Sydney.  And if we are never going to be able to afford a place to live is bigger than the size of a shoe box, then we deserve to find some happiness in a yummy meal at a cute café, right? And the youth (and really the people) of Sydney have really been treating their tastebuds over the past few years, which has resulted in more and more cool cafes popping up all over NSW and not just exclusively in the city (maybe also because the cool people of NSW can no longer afford to live in Sydney so the food is following where the people are) and I have to say I love it. The cafés in the west have plenty of parking and often the lines are much shorter, if there even is one. A few weekends ago we drove in Penrith, got some free parking and paid a visit to one of these cafes, High St Depot.

When we arrived the waitress seemed a bit concerned that she couldn’t seat us straight away as if this was the first time someone had ever had to wait for a table. We assured her it was fine and that we were happy to look through the menu. We were surprised how many of the things on the menu we wanted to order, which illustrated that that although we were willing to try a café in Penrith we were sceptical to how it would compare to the trendy cafes of the city. Between the three of us we decided on two chicken karaage burgers, three snickers milkshakes, three arranchini balls and their French toast. By the time we had picked what we were getting our table was ready and we ordered straight away.

The café has a funky vibe, with a cool dog mural on the wall and modern décor. Another tick for the café.

The shakes arrived first and although nice, it was not as full of flavour as we were expecting. With all the other food we had ordered we probably didn’t need them.

The arranchini balls and the burger arrived and I quickly tried an arranchini ball, it was good, nothing to complain about but nothing special about them and at $3 a ball I wouldn’t order them in the future. By the time I had finished that the French toast had arrived, and with the coconut ice cream threatening to melt, my cousin and I quickly dug into it. Oh my was it delicious! I loved the use of syrup made from palm sugar which perfectly complemented the not super sweet ice cream, strawberries and crunchy toast- would definitely go back for this.

By the time I had gotten to the burger I was full, so my fullness might skew my review of it. The burger was served with chips and I was pleasantly surprised with how good they were! Perfectly crunchy and seasoned on the outside and fluffy on the inside. Definitely some of the better chips I’ve had. The burger was also nice, generous serving of crunchy chicken with Asian slaw but not wow (but again I was super full).

Overall, I have to say I was very impressed by the little café tucked away in Penrith and that French toast will certainly bring me back.

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