Last Minute Gift Ideas for Travelers

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If the crowds at the shops are anything to go by it looks like a lot of people have left their Christmas shopping to the last minute! For those of you have travellers and wander-lusters on your shopping list, hopefully this gift guide provides you with some last minute inspiration. I’ve even divvied it up depending on your budget. If you have left it super super last minute (i.e 11pm on the 24th or even Christmas morning) just print a picture of what you are going to buy/is in the post and wrap them up (extra bonus is they won’t be able to guess what it is!)

Gifts Under $100
A beautiful journal would be loved by most travelers so they can record their memories and stories.  Package it up with a glue stick and small scissors and they can also scrapbook all the ticket stubs and pamphlets they collect along the way.

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Travel eBooks
With the internet full of so much information you might think travel guides are outdated but I still love reading them as I prepare for my trip and it’s a great offline reference while I am actually travelling. It does become a bit annoying to lug around an actual book so an eBook is perfect.

Novelty Neck Pillow
I was skeptical about neck pillows until I got one- they are amazing! They let you comfortably sleep on all modes of transport and help support your neck (ie stops it from bobbing around crazily). Luggage Direct have a few cute novelty (but practical) ones, I particularly like the koala one pictured below because it’s a bit Aussie representation while travelling.

Memory Cards
This is might seem like a boring and literally tiny gift but I can never get enough memory cards when travelling. I stash them everywhere and use them both for my camera, GoPro and as a backup storage device.

Gifts Over $100

This is an obvious one because luggage is an essential! Luggage Direct has a wide range of luggage for any traveller’s needs. In particular, I like the Mandarina Duck range because the designs are bright and cute (thus making them super easy to spot on the conveyor belt); sturdy and some on them have extra pockets which are always handy for stuffing random bits and bobs into (normally my travel buys!)

Mini Tablet
I got gifted one a few Christmases back and it has been the most useful thing while travelling- I store a local travel guide for offline advice, a book to read,  a few movies and shows to make journeys go faster and a copy of my itinerary.

A Trip

You know what travellers love? To travel! Duh! So give them the gift of travel. It doesn’t need to be an extravagant overseas holiday but even a nice weekend away would be appreciated.  Coupon sites such as Groupon and Scoopon always have nice and affordable packages available.

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