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Soaked to the bone (we had got caught in the rain mid run at Parramatta Park) we arrive at the Social Hideout and join the line of people waiting out front of the restaurant. It’s not clear why there is a line because there a lots of empty tables and eventually someone ushers everyone in the line to a table.

Freezing and feeling uncomfortable from our wet clothes, all we want are hot drinks so we quickly pick what we want (they gave us one menu for three people) and we wait. And we wait. And wait so long and after our first few attempts at attention go ignored, we wonder if there is no table service. Eventually we call someone down and ask if we need to go to the counter to order and he says no and takes our order. Order a Chai Latte and “The Frenchy”, their French toast dish. This is then followed by another long wait and finally our hot drinks arrive and we drink them up pretty quickly. The Chai latte did the drink to warm me up from the inside and I enjoyed the aromatic drink.

And then of course, there was a another long wait until our meals began to arrive. My friends got their dishes first and I insisted they begin without me because the service was proving to be slow. My French toast arrives and I am impressed at how pretty it looks (so pretty I don’t notice they forgot the maple syrup until someone runs over with it later). The dish normally comes with caramelised banana but I ordered it without. Despite how pretty it was, the dish was pretty average. My friend who ordered the “Habib” which included poached eggs, humus, mushroom also said despite the potential for her dish to be delicious the execution wasn’t there which resulted in an average dish. Which really nailed what the Social Hideout was. It was tucked away in a good spot with free parking, cute d├ęcor, a tasty sounding menu but the poor service, high prices and average dishes resulted in us not wanting to come back. And considering Parramatta has such good cafes you would think they would have tried harder.

Overall, a disappointing visit.
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