Seven Things to do in London

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Until this month, Borough Markets was somewhere I missed out on visiting on my last visit to London. It was recommended to us by some locals in a bar but we never made it there. It is incredibly sad that it is now marred with cruel acts of terror. London was one of the first cities that I travelled to as an adult and I absolutely loved it, the sights, the fashion, the culture- amazing! One of my friends is visiting London for the first time in July and unlike me, she hates planning travel itineraries (for me, that’s one of the best bits of booking a holiday!). Because I love planning and London, I told her I would send her a list of recommendations but after recent events, I am sharing it publicly with all of you because London truly is a great city and I hate that it is now a city people are nervous to visit.
     1. Have high tea at the Palace
Well almost. The Orangery sits next to Kensington Palace (the former home of Princess Diana) and is the perfect spot to indulge in some cake after exploring the grounds of the Palace.

Kensignton Palace
2. Be a total tourist and Hop on-Hop Off
Hope on and off buses are totally touristy but that is what you are! This bus is an easy way to ensure you tick off all the London icons such as Elizabeth Tower/Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye. Plus you get to travel around in a big red double decker bus which seems so British.

Tourist shot with Big Ben
3. Add some London fashion to your wardrobe at Camden Markets
It’s always nice when someone compliments you on something you are wearing and you can reply thanks, I got it in [insert cool city here]. Camden Markets ensures this reaction. The markets are great place to pick up some unique pieces with its array of eclectic stores and stalls selling all things retro, vintage, punk and just plain stylin’. Whilst there I picked up a ski jacket for three pounds from an Op shop that has now been worn both in the snow in Switzerland and Australia.
4. Indulge in a big English breakfast and a Sunday Roast
Maybe not on the same day but this is a culinary must to get into the English spirit. And its not hard to find, we had an English breakfast of baked beans, eggs, sausage, bacon, mushroom, tomato and hashbrowns for under four pounds at a bar near our accomodation. And had a delicious Sunday Roast at Fuller's Dove Bar.

English Sunday Roast
5. Catch a show
I wish we had watched a musical while in London which is why I am adding it to the list so you don't miss out! You can get heavily discounted tickets on the day. 
6. Primark
So this one isn't a tourist attraction per say but you would be hard pressed to find an Australian female who has travelled to London and been to Primark who doesn't rave about it. Super cheap stylish pieces.
7. Ice skating at Somerset House
This is a winter only event unfortunately but yay if you are going in the cooler months. They set up an ice rink outside Somerset House and its really beautiful to skate around at night.

That is seven of my London highlights- anything you love about London town that I am missing?

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