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Since visiting Italy over five years ago I have been in search of Pizza that is at a similar standard. Take away pizza joints were no longer cutting it after I had tasted just how delicious pizza could be. When I heard Verace Pizzeria was winning world wide awards for its Naples style pizza, I had to try it.
With a 6pm booking for a Friday night, we arrived to claim our table for three and were surprised to see a find a fairly empty restaurant. The enthusiastic waiter ran us through the specials in a thick Italian accent, and sold them so well that we ended up picking the special gnocchi and pizza with salami, basil and mushrooms. We also ordered a prosciutto pizza and bolognaise arancini for starters.  Feeling the Friday feels I also got a bellini (peach puree and Prosecco) and my cousin got the version with strawberry puree and they were both so tasty! A great way to cheers the start of the weekend.
The restaurant began to fill up and the service became slower. It took while but finally our arancini arrived first, one for each of us and they were quite large. More oblong like than the traditional sphere. I felt they were underseasoned and needed a bit more “wetness” inside, whether than be from cheesiness or sauciness.

A bit more of a wait until our mains came one by one. We got everything to share so that we could taste more. The gnocci was served with a tomato based sauce. The gnocci itself was beautiful, fresh and fluffy. However the sauce it was served with was again underseasoned and underwhelming, which was such a shame because I love a good gnocci. But maybe pasta is not their game. The pizzas just based on looks alone looked great and authentic. Picking it up, you have to roll it just like in Italy to eat it. It may have been my extremely high standards but I wasn’t amazed as I was expecting to be. Comparing it to a pizza chain pizza (don’t want to name any names), it is definitely nicer and of a higher quality. I actually can’t fault the pizza, it just didn’t blow my mind.
If the restaurant becomes a little more generous with its seasoning, I will definitely be back because they have the potential to be an amazingly delicious place.
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