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Our initial impression upon arriving at Downtown Brooklyn was confusion. We had thought we were going to Big Poppa’s Penrith restaurant. We had put Big Poppa’s in Google Maps. And yet we were in front of a different burger bar with a similar look. We decided it must be the same place with a new name so went on in.

It was surprisingly busy for a weeknight in suburbia but we were seated right away. They get points for nailing the New York vibe with a big replica Brooklyn Bridge in the middle of the restaurant.

The menu is full of naughty and temping things and gives people in the west the opportunity to try things like tella balls without having to go into the city. Our waitresses was very friendly and attentive and ready to take our order.

To start we ordered loaded cheesy fries to share and to be frank they were a little disappointing because the cheese sauce was that fake tasting cheese. Just use real cheese people, that sauce is a dish ruiner.

For my main, I got the Staten Island burger which has crispy fried chicken, American cheese, lettuce and spicy sauce. On arrival the burger looked so good- the chicken in particular looked so crispy and flavoursome and the first bite confirmed that it tasted exactly how it looked. So tasty and made up for the chips. But as I had more of the burger, I started to notice how salty it was. I am someone who absolutely loves salt, I am known to carry sachets of salt around because I tend to find many things under seasoned so when I think something is too salty it’s a cause of concern. I got my friend to taste and she agreed it was really nice but way too salty. It was such a shame because it actually was a really nice burger otherwise. My friend who ordered a different chicken based burger really enjoyed her one and didn’t have a seasoning problem

The silver lining of not being able to finish my burger due to saltiness was that I had room for dessert and I couldn’t go help but ordering the deep fried Twinkies. Twinkies was something I would always see on American TV shows but we never had them growing up in Australia so I was keen to try them and it was unlikely I would see deep fried Twinkies on other restaurant menus. You get two Twinkies served with two scoops of ice cream and strawberries so perfect for sharing. It was nice dish, and the ice cream and strawberries were needed to balance out the friedness of the Twinkie.

Even though they missed the mark on certain elements I actually would come back here because there is so much on the menu I want to try and think they have potential. I think it would be fun to come back with a group for drinks and burgers.

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