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The thing with being a food blogger and going out for a meal with friends is that you have to balance the line of getting a good shot of the food and not annoying your companions. If they are good friends, I can get away with taking a few shots at different angles but if it’s a professional setting I often miss out on getting a photo at all and hence on a potential blog post. So it was such a pleasant change of pace when I recently went to Taisho’s Pre Opening to celebrate FCBA’s 2nd birthday anniversary. A room full of food bloggers! It was the norm for each of the dishes to be passed around for each blogger to take as many photos as they needed. And we all understood that it would be worth it to wait for all the food to come out to get the best flat lay. For a non blogger this probably sounds like a nightmare but for a food review readers, it means I actually got non rushed photos for you to enjoy.

Our first entrée was the prawn and salmon salad which was served up beautifully and tasted as fresh as it looked. I was surprised to have those elements in a salad but it worked well, especially with the crunch of the fried onion on top.

Next we had a platter of sashimi. And now I have an admission to make- I am a bit funny about raw seafood and more often than not don’t like it. I cautiously tried the salmon as a safe first step- juicy and fresh and I loved it with a bit of wasabi. This gave me the confidence to try the tuna, again nice but I did prefer the salmon.

Then the chicken karage came out- there was no hesitation to try this! The karage was a little underseasoned and would have been nice if it had a little spicy kick to it (maybe from a dipping sauce?). The gyoza was similar, fine but not amazing. It was clear from these two dishes that their speciality was their seafood. The sushi that came soon after, proved this. Deliciously fresh, brightly coloured sushi.

It was then time for the main event- the bbq! We got a mix of meats including thin strips of wagyu beef, veges, and a scoop of corn topped with butter to bbq. We cooked up the veges first and the chunky chilli sauce/chutney that came with it was so delicious that I ended up just eating it on its own when we ran out of veges! The meats were all beautiful and tender and paired so perfectly with the different dipping sauces they provided. Each bite was just tastiness.

Overall I was really impressed by Taisho- they have definitely nailed the fresh seafood and bbq elements.

Note: I attended a guest of FCBA
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